UVC 자외선 살균모듈

UVC-265 50mW Module



λp (nm)
Po (mW)
Vf (V)
If (mA)
7.0 V
440 mA

General Specification

Product: UVC-265 Module

UVC Light Source: UVC 265nm, 50mW

Size: 74Φ x 120mm, approx. 450g

Color: White (Metallic)

Water Proof: IP65

Power Adaptor (KS Certified)

Input: 50~60Hz, 110VAC/220VAC

Output: 7V, 440mA (Peak 12VDC)


 Light Source Part: Anodized Aluminum (Metallic White)

 Lens: Sapphire Quartz

 Adaptor Part: Polypropylene


 LED: L70 10k hrs



Water purifier, humidifier, toilet bidet, aquatic products, aquariums, marine farms, water purification plants, water disposal facilities, ship/vessel’s ballast water sterilization, public baths and saunas, swimming pool, water park


Disinfection of virus, bacteria, germs, sterilizing public area and facilities


Cosmetic manufacturers, Food products manufacturers, medicine and medical supplies, hospital pure water generators, kitchenware

Providing Solutions

Ozone Sterilization – Ozone residue problem

Chlorine Sterilization – THM problem

Contaminations due to residues

Installation Methods

1. Attach on the body by screwing on the module over the opening for irradiation point.

2. To install on a cradle, detach the PSU part and re-join with the cradle  in-between the parts.

3. For bodies with pre-installed screens, module’s lens can be removed to maintain effective distance from the irradiation point.

Testing for Malfunctions

Malfunctions can be easily checked by testing the PSU with a hook meter with more than 2 decimal points indication. In case of malfunction, read value 0.

Assembly Guide

Unscrew the attached bolts (total of 8) from the back of the light source part. Connect the harness cable of the power adaptor on the light source. Align the screw holes, and tightly re-apply the screw bolts. To turn on the module, connect to the AC power (110VAC/220VAC). Warning: do not stare directly on the irradiating UVC as it maybe harmful to naked eye. Also, avoid irradiating directly on skin (and eye) in a close distance.

For water sterilization purpose, purchase lens cover(SUS304) and water chamber. (for normal use lens cover material is Al6000)

Expendable part [LED Chip] can only be replaced as [light source body]

which is composed of LED chip on PCB attached on heatsink body. 

※ 살균모듈은 자외선 살균이 필요한 응용제품에 적용이 가능합니다. 

 ■ 민수용: ~150 ㎽/㎠ (UVC-265 자외선 강도)

 ■ 산업용: ~1800 ㎽/㎠ (UVC-265 자외선 강도)

※살균 분야 <부품 구매 고객층 국내외>

농식품 분야

배양액, 생육수 살균, 농식품 가공, 계란.

식음료.(채소, 생선, 육류),

물 분야 

정수기, 가습기, 비데, 수산물, 수족관, 양식장, 정수장, 폐수치리장.

선박 Ballast water sterilization, 목욕탕, 수영장, 워터파크, 

공기 분야

바이러스, 박테리아, 세균 살균. 

공공장소, 다중이용시설 공간 살균

산업 분야

화장품 제조라인. 음식품 제조라인

의약품 원재료, 병원

초순수 제조장치

가전 및 주방용품

문제 해결 분야

오존살균- 잔여오존 문제

염소처리-THM 문제 

부산물의 2차 오염 문제